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I am very easy going. Just wana b happy in life. Tired of drama and bull shit I have my lil man Brayden who is 6 months old. I have my daughter Fenix and my oldest daughter Olivia i love my children and wouldnt trade them for the world. I love to cook and go to the beach. Cuddle up next to my man and watch a good movie.
Music: Let me take u back to the old but gud!! 2 Pac, Biggie Small,Goodie Mob, Bob Marley.
TV: Criminal Minds, 48 hrs, House of Payne.
Sports: FOOTBALL of Course, BasketBall,
Interests: I Love to Cook,watch Movies,Listen to My Music, and go to the Beach, and Spen time with my Family and Friends.
Movies: Any Tyler Perry Movies, Pretty Woman..
BestFeatures: My Eyes, Lips, and of course my Badonka Donk
Dreams: My dream is to one day own my own resturant.

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